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Monday, November 18, 2013

Broncos' Wes Welker suffers concussion

By on 11/18/2013 05:40:00 AM

As the Denver Broncos are getting prepared to face the New England Patriots they announce that Wes Welker indeed suffered a concussion in last nights win over the Chiefs. Welker took a blow to the head early in the 4th quarter and exited the game, but later returned to catch a pass, but then exited again and he did not return. The Broncos travel to New England this week for Sunday night football, which should be a good game with the number one seed in the AFC on the line.

Welker won't be able to practice this week until he is able to pass the league's concussion policy and it is unclear at this time whether he will be able to play or not. It is tough for a player to play one week after suffering a concussion and it doesn't happen ofter, but if it is only a mild concussion he may be able to give it a go. The Patriots replaced Wes Welker this season with Danny Amendola who has a history of being injured, so I'm sure Welker would love to be able to play this game to stick it to the Patriots.

If Welker does have to miss this game it shouldn't be a huge loss for the Broncos because Peyton Manning has plenty of other receivers he can throw to and the main goal should be getting Welker healthy. The Broncos take on the Kansas City Chiefs again in two weeks in Kansas City, which will most likely have huge implications on who the division winner is.


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