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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bills' E.J. Manuel may miss Sunday finale

By on 12/24/2013 09:00:00 AM

Mike Rodak of reports that Buffalo Bills quarterback, E.J. Manuel, who is suffering from a sprained left knee, might not see action in the 2013 season finale against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Manuel, who missed last Sunday's victory over the Miami Dolphins, is not a guarantee to play Sunday.  Bills head coach, Doug Marrone, told reporters Monday that he was uncertain about his rookie QB's status:

I think there’s always a chance.  I mean, there’s a chance that Marquise Goodwin can’t play, there’s a chance that Aaron Williams can’t play. There’s a chance that someone can come in here tomorrow and say ‘I don’t feel well.’ So I think it’s very difficult.  You guys have known. You’ve been around me. I’m one of those guys, I really don’t know a lot about when it comes down to the specifics of injuries. I’ve been that way since training camp. But I’m always pushing, trying to get them out there and trying to get them to play.  And I’m optimistic, probably more than everybody that’s here right now when it comes down to that. And I need to be. I really do. I need to be that way.

With the Bills going nowhere and the season ending, it should be an easy decision to sit the rookie who has had multiple knee surgeries since August.  EJM needs to rest, repair, recuperate, rinse and repeat.

See you next year.

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