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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The 1993 Houston Oilers Had Two Gay Players on Their Roster

By on 12/26/2013 03:00:00 PM

According to the Houston Chronicle's Brian Smith, the Houston Oilers had two gay athletes on their 1993 roster, and the team was more than "o.k." with their sexual orientation.

The players have yet to be named, but from all accounts, were excellent teammates and fantastic contributors in both locker room and on-field settings. Two-time Pro Bowler and renowned badass Chris Dishman has corroborated the hearsay:
"Everybody knew certain guys (were gay). Everybody speculated and people used to see these two guys come in by themselves. They’d leave at lunchtime and then come back," Dishman said.
The '93 Oilers were a team rife with controversy. They persisted through the benching of a Hall of Fame quarterback, fisticuffs between the team's head coach and offensive coordinator, and the ups-and-downs of NFL life to rattle off 11 consecutive wins before losing in the divisional round of the playoffs.

We are merely at the base of the iceberg when speaking of homosexuality in sports, with more news of this variety expected to surface in the next few years. It has been debated heavily of late, with the results of "coming out" still largely a gray area.

The NBA's Jason Collins became the first active and openly gay athlete last April, but has yet to land a roster spot for any team since coming out. Being a 12-year veteran and tough interior defender, it leaves many to wonder if his sexual preference is the reason he has yet to garner attention this season. If so, it could halt the progressive movement for future athletes.


  1. I don't think Jason Collins isn't get work because of his sexual orientation. I think he was at the end of his career regardless. That's part of why he was so willing to come out. I think he even mentioned that. The point is well-taken, though, that athletes may be hesitant to come out for fear that they will not get work in the future.