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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tennessee Titans' TE Delanie Walker Speaks of "Cancers" in the Locker Room This Past Season

By on 1/30/2014 08:00:00 PM

Tennessee Titans' tight end Delanie Walker is known for being a no-nonsense kind of guy. He leaves it all on the field, and knows what it takes to be a winner after spending time with the San Francisco 49ers. He has endured the ups and downs of NFL life, but has seen first-hand just how important a change of culture is when a team is clouded by failure.

Walker was recently a featured guest on the Midday 180 talk show in Nashville, Tennessee, and while on the air, he provided insight into why the Titans were unable to succeed in 2013. While he immediately stated the difficulties of playing with two different quarterbacks in a season, Walker's most important comments had nothing to do with on-field performace.

The Titans' Locker Room Was Far From Friendly in 2013
Walker illuminated on already smoldering rumors, stating that after the losses compiled last season, the Titans began to "fall apart," and that there "could've been about six players" that were viewed as "cancers" in the locker room. It's already hard enough to win in the NFL when everything is in your favor, but when your team begins to turn on itself, it then becomes impossible.

Walker and safety Bernard Pollard have been outspoken about this issue, of course maintaining the sanctity of the locker room by not revealing names. Both Pollard and Walker were new additions to the Titans in 2013, and felt that they would have only furthered problems if they were to confront (internally) these players without being viewed as team leaders due to their short-tenure.

Pollard is a free agent this season, and it remains to be seen if the Titans will pay him. Both he and safety Michael Griffin could become cap casualties in the offseason, potentially leaving the Titans very thin in the secondary. Walker "hopes" that Pollard will be re-signed and that the pair can establish a locker room mentality that is conducive to winning in 2014.

Walker has seen the effect that Jim Harbaugh had on the 49ers' culture after taking over in 2011, and knows that newly appointed coach Ken Whisenhunt is cut from the same ilk. If you don't live and play like a winner, you will not be a Titan in 2014.

While money tends to reign supreme when deciding a players future, Walker feels that the Titans organization will make the necessary tough decisions to weed out any cancerous entities this offseason. With a statement like that, one has to believe that there is a finger pointed squarely at the chest of injured and disgruntled running back, Chris Johnson.

The biggest casualty in this situation was not the Titans, as regardless of mentality, they needed more pieces to truly be competitive last season. Sadly, ex head coach Mike Munchak was left to fend for his job with players that had zero concern for his well-being. Munchak served the Oilers/Titans for over 30-years, and deserved more from the organization and its players.

There should be movement galore with the Titans' roster this season, and hopefully Whisenhunt and Walker have the necessary confab between them to sniff out the derisive factions of this team and to move on with heads held high as the prospects of a new season take hold.


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