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Monday, January 20, 2014

Yankees' Mark Teixeira could miss first week of Spring Training games

By on 1/20/2014 08:30:00 PM

New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira was just one of many injured players that the Yankees had to do without in 2013. Recall his wrist strain that eventually needed surgery and limited him to only 15 games in June.

By Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons
Teixeira is improving well, and he expects to be ready by Opening Day, April 1, in Houston, but he may miss the first few Spring Training games.

In the January 20 edition of Yankees Inbox,'s Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch answered a fan's question about Teixeira's wrist and the probability of his starting Spring Training on time (February 19).

Hoch answered that Teixeira "doesn't plan on being in the Yankees' first exhibition games of the year." Teixeira will need a little more time to complete his exercises to strengthen his wrist. He had the surgery on July 1. He has started hitting off a tee and will see live pitching in February.

Just before Christmas, Teixeira stated that he was close to 100% but still felt stiffness in his wrist. He still needs to work that out and get his timing back. Exhibition games begin on Tuesday, February 25, but Teixeira will start playing in the first week of March. Teixeira briefly discussed his progress with YES Network last week:
"Right now, I'm six months out of surgery. Will I be 100 percent Day 1? I hope so. But even my doctor said it's going to keep getting looser, keep getting stronger. That's just the way surgery goes. That's just the way it is.... I'm a little anxious about the way I'm going to feel, but I know that as long as I'm doing what I'm... supposed to be doing, than I should be fine."
Teixeira's return would help boost the Yankees' offense that just did not score runs in 2013 like the Yankees normally do. With the return of Teixeira and Derek Jeter along with the additions of Brian McCann, Brian Roberts, and Carlos Beltran in the middle of the order, the Yankees should return to the offensive force we normally see -- even with the loss of Robinson Cano. After all, they will now have Jacoby Ellsbury at the top of the order getting on base to knock in.

Teixeira is a career .278/.368/.565 hitter with 341 HR, and 1,113 RBI with four teams in at least parts of 11 seasons since 2003.

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  1. I wonder how long he will actually be out. These estimates are generally off, and I could see him missing a large chunk of spring.

  2. That could be true, Justin. Given the Yankees' fortunes last year, I cannot blame anyone for wondering.