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Friday, February 14, 2014

Andre Johnson: Trade the #1 Overall Pick

By on 2/14/2014 09:00:00 PM

While the NFL has suffered through monikers such as the "No Fun League" and the "No Fair League" over the past few seasons, one bewailing has remained consistent - The "Never Win Without a Good Quarterback League."

The Houston Texans struggled to win games last year, falling well short of their lofty goals and winding up with the number one overall pick in this May's NFL Draft. They were supposed to be led by the veteran play of Matt Schaub, but instead watched the duck-footed quarterback crumble, effectively tagging himself with a terrible nickname in the process - Matt "Pick Six" Schaub.

LbKing, Wikimedia Commons

Schaub received the name after throwing a pick six interception to opposing teams for a ridiculous four-straight games, basically handing the quarterback position to rookie Case Keenum in the process. As a Texas native, Keenum was supposed to lead the Texans out from the cellar of the AFC South and back to the respectable, hard-nosed football team that conference opponents feared. Heck, even Peyton Manning had the Texans on his short-list two years ago.

Wide receiver Andre Johnson has been with the Texans for his entire NFL career (2003-current), and has always been a stand-up guy in midst of the trying times that are being a Hall of Famer stuck in a losing regime. Because of his loyalty to the franchise, when he speaks, people listen. While it is a divided topic among key analysts, Johnson believes that the Texans should trade the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

Regardless of if the Texans trade the first overall pick or not, they will use one of their first picks on a quarterback. In a draft class loaded with first round quarterback talent, trading back two or three spots in the first round would net them more picks in the draft while allowing them to select one of the talented signal callers still available on their draft board.

The Texans have been linked to local product and Texas A&M standout, Johnny Manziel, and for good reason. Not only does Manziel have the highest ceiling in the draft, he would provide immediate interest to a franchise that struggled to keep its fan base excited last season. The city of Houston has dealt with its fair share of football heartache over the decades, and is ready to forget 2013 and focus on a bright future with Manziel leading the charge.

Aside from Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Derek Carr are all viewed as first round talents, with any one of them having the potential to pan out as an NFL quarterback. Johnson clearly likes the possibilities that trading the first overall pick can offer the Texans:
"I have thought about different scenarios," Johnson told KTRK-TV in Houston on Wednesday. "Me personally, if I had it, I would probably trade it, but that's just my opinion."
Johnson goes on to elaborate that he isn't the GM and that his comments shouldn't be taken any further than being simply an opinion, but it is discernible that he believes the team can find a quarterback all while accumulating more draft ammunition for the mid to late rounds.

While I like Johnson's take and do agree with it, I don't foresee it happening. The Texans could use some help in their secondary, but aside from that, are generally strong in most other facets.

The NFL Combine starts next Thursday and will provide a better idea of who should be selected first overall once completed. While the Rocket City is screaming for a quarterback, the idea of pairing J.J. Watt with Jadeveon Clowney on the defensive line could be downright scary for opposing quarterbacks.

You have been warned, Andrew Luck.


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