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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brewers' Aramis Ramirez has no issues in initial workouts

By on 2/23/2014 02:00:00 PM

Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez underwent surgery in early January to remove a polyp from his colon; fortunately, the polyp was benign. The slugger reported to Spring Training on Saturday.'s Adam McCalvy reports that although Ramirez will not be ready for the start of exhibition games this week, Opening Day is still possible. McCalvy tweeted Sunday that Ramirez completed most drills in his first day of camp without any apparent problems.
Author unknown, via Wikimedia Commons
Ramirez did not perform the fielding drills Sunday morning, but he will once he feels 100 percent. He does not want to risk further injury that will cause him to miss games; last year, he played in only 92 games due mainly to a sprained knee.

Ramirez lost his father (age 61) to colon cancer, so when signs of his polyp became apparent, he had tests performed and the polyp removed. According to McCalvy, Ramirez knew all along that the polyp was harmless but decided to have it removed as a precaution. Said Ramirez,
"I just wanted to do it because my dad died of colon cancer. I wanted to get checked out because usually it's a family thing. Sure enough, I didn't have cancer, but I had a polyp."
The best news is that Ramirez has no cancerous tumor. As a result, he can now focus on recovering from the surgery and getting back onto the field full-time. Jeff Bianchi and Taylor Green could see time at third until Ramirez is ready.

Ramirez is a career .285/.345/.501 hitter with 354 HR, 1,276 RBI, and 1.9 average WAR in 16 years with the Pirates, Cubs, and Brewers.

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