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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Broncos' Derek Wolfe divulges scary information associated with spinal cord injury

By on 2/26/2014 09:00:00 PM

The eagerness of a young NFL player can lead to trouble -- just ask Denver Broncos' defensive tackle Derek Wolfe. As a rookie in 2012, Wolfe accumulated a very respectable six sacks and was expected to improve on that number the following season as he continued to mature. His 2013 campaign was cut short due to a spinal cord injury, but his desire to return to the field proved to be the most costly decision for the University of Cincinnati product.

The injury originally occurred in the preseason, with Wolfe being green-lighted for a return to regular season action. We now know that Wolfe returned too early from the injury, as the second-year talent suffered a borderline seizure while riding the team bus to the airport in preparation for a Week 13 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jeffrey Beall, Wikimedia Commons

Broncos' standout defensive linemen Terrance Knighton repeatedly yelled at the bus driver to "stop the bus," showing concern for a man that has never been one to portray weakness. Wolfe is renowned for being a hard-nosed, extremely motivated and testosterone-fueled player, and when he goes down, help is needed.

Wolfe was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with seizure-like symptoms. It was concluded that his nervous system basically began the process of shutting down, effectively knocking him from the conscious world for over 26-hours. Wolfe told Lionel Bienvenu of ABC-7 in Denver that when he finally came to, he broke the hospital bed, being completely unaware and afraid of his surroundings.

Wolfe has taken onus for the injury, but has vowed to return "bigger, faster, stronger," in 2014. He reportedly lost 20 lbs. due to being bed-ridden since November, but has since regained the weight and is ready to get back into NFL shape.

The Broncos will not rush Wolfe back to action, and will be extremely precautious with him due to the fragility and location of his injury. Denver is quite familiar with the details of a neck/spine related injury (Peyton Manning), and will not allow a career-ending injury to occur by hastily returning a player that can help their defensive line.


  1. Bigger, faster, stronger; it WILL be-- go get 'em Derek Wolfe!