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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Canucks Weber cleared for Sochi

By on 2/15/2014 01:27:00 PM

Vancouver Canucks Yannick Weber has been cleared by his team doctors to head to the Sochi Olympics and will play for Switzerland.

Weber has been sidelined from playing hockey since the beginning of February with an undisclosed injury. Weber left the game on January 31st during the first period with an undisclosed injury and nobody knew how long the defenseman would be out for or if he would be able to represent Switzerland in the Olympics.
Resolute-Wikimedia Commons

Days before he was supposed to leave to travel to Sochi he was still sidelined from playing but this turned into a precaution as he was cleared to represent his country.

This is the second time Weber almost had to miss out representing his country. The first time he missed was during the World Hockey Championship last may when Switzerland won their first medal in 78 years. He was then sidelined by a knee injury and said (as he was a free agent) it would not be a smart idea to go with half a knee and get more injured then he already was.


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