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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eagles' Michael Vick could land with the New York Jets

By on 2/25/2014 12:30:00 PM

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has stated he wants to be a starter in 2014.  Thanks to a hamstring injury and newcomer Nick Foles' breakout performance in 2013, it is unlikely that Vick will get that opportunity in Philadelphia.  In recent developments,'s Dan Hanzus reports that Vick could be still wearing green. The green uniforms of the New York Jets, that is. 

Vick began the 2013 season as the Eagles starter but lost his position to Nick Foles after being sidelined with a hamstring injury in the week 5 match up against the New York Giants.  All in all for last season, he played in seven games, accumulated 1,215 yards and had five touchdowns.

Vick has told reporters that he plans to be a starter somewhere in 2014, but is willing to return to his role as Foles’ backup if he cannot find a situation that would allow him the first-string role.

Picked No. 1 overall by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 draft, Vick has had problems off and on the field a majority of his career.  Most notably was his conviction in a dog-fighting ring in 2006 that landed him in jail for two years.  The Eagles took a chance on him after his release in 2009, and Vick became the starter that year. 

Ed Yourdon via Wikimedia Commons
A plethora of injuries have sidelined Vick in his 13 year career. Starting his rookie year with a broken leg in preseason, Vick has graduated to the following list: Concussion, shoulder injury, knee injury, another shoulder, a groin, quad injury, another concussion, a hand injury, a finger injury, hurt ribs, another concussion and the most recent hamstring injury. And those are the known injuries. It's no secret that almost every player and every team hides injuries.

Still, despite all the injuries he has suffered, the time lost in jail, he has played in 128 total games, amassed 21,489 yards with 128 touchdowns.  In 13 years, he has played one full season, started all 16 games for Atlanta in 2006, right before he was put in jail.

The question on everyone's mind must be, what can he bring to the New York Jets?  While Geno Smith's rookie year was both part entertaining and disappointing, the Jets have shown faith in the young quarterback.

As Vick could definitely help Smith become a better quarterback, it would be a hindrance to the franchise to bring in Vick as the starting quarterback. Not because of his past off-the-field issues, but because Smith represents the future for the Jets, or at the very minimum, a potential plan for the future.  Smith may not want to learn Vick's bad habits of turnovers.  In his 13 year career, he has had a total of 85 interceptions and 52 fumbles. 

The Jets are seemingly not in a position to "win now," and bringing in a banged up, aging Michael Vick would indicate that the Jets don't have concrete plans for the future.

Along with Josh McCown, Vick is one of the best quarterbacks options on the free agent market. He could make perfect sense for a team that's looking for a stop-gap option.
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