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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Baltimore Ravens will soon be running cell block D

By on 3/10/2014 07:00:00 AM

BREAKING NEWS: The Baltimore Ravens have officially changed their name to the Baltimore Jailbirds. Ok, not really, but with three arrests in the last month, there is a sad trend on the rise for the proud franchise.

Early Sunday morning, Ravens' third year offensive tackle Jah Reid was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery, feeling the need to fit in with recently incarcerated teammates Ray Rice and Deonte Thompson.

Rice was arrested for simple domestic violence and could face jail time after being caught on camera dragging the unconscious body of his girlfriend from an elevator. Thompson was arrested on possession charges in Gainseville, Florida on February 21st after being caught with Marijuana.

Reid's story was far from better, with evidence suggesting guilt.

Reid's Mugshot

His arrest occurred in Key West, Florida, with the offensive linemen showing a strong disliking towards a patron at the Red Garter Saloon (a strip club) in the beautiful coastal area.

According to security footage, Reid was bumped into by Edmond Mussa, and was unhappy to say the least. Reid then attacked Mussa, head-butting him and then punching him to the ground, following it up with kicks to the side before the altercation was broken up. Security guard David Smith intervened, and was also punched by Reid during the fraccus, receiving a split-lip in the process.

Reid had a friend with him by the name of Benjamin Buxton, and Buxton was not one to sit back and let cooler heads prevail. While Reid was preoccupied with security, Buxton apparently begin kicking Mussa, and was only subdued after being tased. Reid was not tased in the melee, but defended his stance by stating that he was being choked by a security guard. Duh, moron, that's what happens when a 6'7 testosterone-fueled NFL offensive linemen begins to beat the snot out of an average civilian.

For all intents and purposes, the entire situation was caught on camera.

Both Reid and Buxton were released on $2,000 bail. The Ravens franchise is privy to the situation, but will not make any further comments until all the information is divulged.

On the football field, Reid's presence is of little consequence. He accounted for only 23 snaps in five appearances last season, and was seen only as an emergency backup along the offensive line. Reid is not expected to compete for a starting position this season, but could find more playing time if the Ravens fail to re-sign starting tackle Eugene Monroe. The Ravens will work diligently to sign Monroe after trading their fourth and fifth round picks to Jacksonville in exchange for his services last October.


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