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Friday, March 14, 2014

Tigers' Jose Iglesias may start the season on the disabled list

By on 3/14/2014 01:30:00 PM

Elite defensive shortstop Jose Iglesias may find himself absent from the Tigers opening day roster after a cumbersome case of shin splints warranted a visit to a specialist today, suddenly put his status to open the season in jeopardy.

Shin issues have plagued the Cuban since the onset of spring training, and despite being able to field and hit normally, Iglesias is unable to run at maximum effort and has reported pain during deceleration.

The 24-year old was expected to be treated by the specialist with a chiropractic device described as a "microcurrent machine with biofeedback", which I'm pretty sure is how supervillians are born. In the meantime both Hernan Perez and Eugenio Suarez will get a long look at shortstop, as even in the best case scenario a trial at extended spring training may be in Iglesias's immediate future.

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