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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anaheim Ducks' Ryan Getzlaf takes a slapshot to the face, leaves playoff game

By on 4/17/2014 11:28:00 AM

Last night, the Anaheim Ducks went up early on the Dallas Stars, building a 3-0 lead on just 10 shots in the first period. The Ducks added a fourth goal in the second before the Stars  rallied and scored three unanswered to cut the Ducks lead to just 4-3. In the final minute, as the Stars were pushing to tie the game, Tyler Seguin one-timed a shot at the point which rose while going towards the net.

The errant puck struck Ducks' captain Ryan Getzlaf on the side of the face. The game was stopped as Getzlaf went down bleeding and left the ice to go to the locker room with the trainer.

Getzlaf was later seen holding an ice pack to his face. The ice pack helps cut down swelling in the area around the injury and also helps decrease pain by calming the facial nerves. Luckily, Getzlaf avoided any major injury and reportedly had no broken bones, he'll probably just need stitches for the cut.

Ducks fans should be relieved. After the game, Anaheim head coach Bruce Boudreau said:
"I think he's going to be okay, but he's probably going to have a little nasty cut on the side of his mouth...As far as I know, nothing else is there. But I'll know more tomorrow."
Considering it's the playoffs, it's unlikely Getzlaf will miss time and he should be ready for game 2 on Friday night. The only concern that arises is the fact that Getzlaf has suffered a facial injury before. On December 28, 2010, Getzlaf was hit with an errant puck in the forehead which caused nasal sinus fractures. Getzlaf didn't require surgery but still missed 14 games due to the injury which left him looking like this:

The Ducks announced on twitter today that Getzlaf is expected to play tomorrow night:


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