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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bruins' Brad Marchand suffers knee injury

By on 4/23/2014 01:30:00 PM

Last night during game 3 of the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings series, Bruins forward Brad Marchand was helped off the ice with what appeared to be a knee injury. He later returned to the bench and finished off the game.

Dan4th Nicholas-Wikimedia Commons
The injury occurred in the second period when he was hit (knee-to-knee) by the Red Wing's defenseman Brendan Smith. He flipped over and fell to the ice. Marchand was favoring his right knee (hit on the left one) and it left fans wondering if he was faking the injury.

After the game Marchand cleared the air about holding the 'wrong' knee and said, "I twisted my knee up a little bit when I landed there. A little scare there. My leg was kind of tingling."

He was helped off the ice and went straight to the dressing room where he continued to walk off the pain. He soon returned to the bench and finished the game.

After the game, when asked what he thinks about the fans questioning the legitimacy of his knee injury he said, "That's why they're on twitter and I'm in the NHL"

So far this series Marchand has 0 points and is averaging just under 18 minutes of ice time.

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