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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heat's Greg Oden likely done for remainder of season

By on 4/10/2014 06:30:00 PM

Miami Heat center Greg Oden has not played since March 26th and has missed eight straight games. To add more bad news for the Heat, Oden's season is looking worse by the minute. According to Matt Glenesk on Twitter, NBA beat writer Brian Windhorst said on ESPN radio that he believes Oden will not play again this season, and that means the playoffs.

Admist there has been no official word by the Miami Heat, Oden has showed no sign of returning to the lineup. Not only are his knee's a problem, it seems his confidence has also took a major blow.

Oden last suited up against the Pacers as previously mentioned and only played six minutes in a 84-83 loss. As Windhorst said on 1070 news " I think Roy Hibbert broke him." In the beginning of the season, he was brought in to be a force down in the post, but that clearly hasn't paid off. Oden has only played in 22 games this season, including six starts. Oden has been suffering from back issues of late along with his chronic knee problems.

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The Heat have been stumbling down the stretch, and cannot maintain the number one seed in the East. After their second straight loss to the Grizzlies, Miami can't find a way to close the deal as the finish line approaches. Arguably their biggest game of the regular season will be this Friday against Indiana, a game in which will likely decided who will get home-court advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The Heat are half-a-game behind the Pacers for first place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 53-25.


  1. Real M-Fing talk !!!April 11, 2014 at 12:40 AM

    I am not surprised by the news.... Pat "oil slick" Riley 4 years to get
    the Heat some inside help, and still could not get it done... When you
    have a player like Lebron all you need are adequate inside players,
    There was player like Hawes and Gortat on the market and still Riley did
    not make a move, if Lebron comes back to this team win or lose he is an
    idiot, because one player should not be expected to lead his team in
    scoring, rebounds, assist and be the teams main defender..
    All the Heat should worry about now is resting Lebron for the post season

  2. You're a pure retard!!! Stupid know nothing at all about basketball weirdo...stfu..get a life..n stop trolling!

  3. Real M-Fing talk !!!April 11, 2014 at 5:21 PM

    Pat, Pat, this is you !... isn't it !..... Pat "brain rot" Riley.... instead of doing your job, making phone calls you are replying to comments about your pitiful Azz .... you are even sadder than i thought... or you are related to Pat, my or maybe you are a dude, Pat nutted in a few times back in 80's at the height
    of Showtime..., and you are still holding out hope he will return your call.... news flash , its not happening... and i am the retard, troll, that needs to get a life... BUT you are the one that made an account just to say i am stupid... now please kill yourself !

  4. How did he fail exactly? 3 straight finals appearances and 2 championships, another 54 wins this year? The Cavs made far less of an effort to bring in talent when he was there, and Lebron leaves and starts winning rings within two years. Being a homer is one thing, but being self-disillusioned is something else entirely.

  5. Real M-Fing talk !!!April 18, 2014 at 7:20 PM

    Those rings were wont on the back of Lebron period...Pat "the wheel in my head doesnt spin like it use to" Riley had nothing to do with it... The players formed the big 1.50...