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Monday, May 12, 2014

Canadiens' Alex Galchenyuk improving but not ready

By on 5/12/2014 04:33:00 PM

The Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk is reportedly still skating solo before team skates, but his recovery is improving.
Photo Credit: Meowwcat-Wikimedia Commons
Galchenyuk has been skating solo for a little over a week. At first he was not doing much except for getting the feel of the ice. Now it is reported he started working on transition and edges.

Galchenyuk has been out of the lineup since the end of the season after an incident during a game with the Chicago Blackhawks that left him with a knee injury. He was only supposed to miss round 1 of the series, and is currently missing the second round.

There is a possibility Galchenyuk could return for the third round (if the Canadiens beat the Boston Bruins). If not he will strengthen himself so he could be fully ready for next season.

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