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Sunday, May 4, 2014

LeBron James and the Heat fully rested and healthy for Brooklyn

By on 5/04/2014 06:15:00 PM

The Miami Heat have not played a basketball game in the past seven days after sweeping the Charlotte Bobcats this past Monday. The extended break has given the Heat and all their players much needed time to rest and heal their injuries and ailments. LeBron James, who suffered a deep thigh bruise in game four against the Bobcats has recently participated fully in practice and is ready to go.

As reported on earlier this week, James injured his thigh when he drove to the basket and collided with Bismack Biyombo. Biyombo's knee went straight into James' thigh. James was limping on his right leg for the remainder of the game, but didn't require any time to rest.

When asked about his injury, James replied by saying it was probably the worst thigh injury of his career, but the extra time off was extremely important.
"This one hurt pretty bad. Obviously, I've been on top of it ever since it happened. It feels good. I'm in the right direction . . . I went through every drill, every contact drill, so that's a plus . . . I'm very antsy. It was great to have what we call a 'Hunger Games' practice. We went at it. We had a warmup for about 10 minutes. From then it was straight contact and competition, so it was great to have that.'' James said
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Now that the Heat know who their opponent will be for the second round, they will have a couple days to prepare for a familiar foe. During the regular season the Heat lost all four of their contests against the Brooklyn Nets, but now that we're in the playoffs, it's a completely different animal.

Game one between the Nets and Heat will be played on Tuesday Night and expect a lot of fireworks early on as it's going to be a heated series from the opening tip-off. 

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