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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Canucks Injury Update: Andrew Alberts might call it a career due to multiple concussions

By on 6/10/2014 09:59:00 AM

Vancouver Canucks forward Andrew Alberts will consider retirement this offseason due to the major concussion he suffered back in December according to NBC sports.

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The 32 year-old Alberts received a questionable hit to the head against the boards from Calgary Flames defensemen Brian McGrattan on Decemeber 29.

The hit left Alberts down on the ice looking very hurt but then he got up on his own and skated off the ice. It is now five months since his head injury and he is still suffering from headaches and concussion-like symptoms.

Alberts via NBC sports had this to say about his progress: “I usually get through a 35 or 40minute workout without a headache, but the headaches come a couple of hours later."

McGrattan's hit may be the last hit that Alberts takes. The constant headaches and sickness that he is feeling from this concussion is definitely hard to recover from, making a return to the NHL, especially with his history of concussions and other injuries, an uphill battle. Alberts suffered a serious concussion with the Boston Bruins in 2007.  He has missed over 120 games due to injuries in his nine-year NHL career. Alberts' list of past injuries can be found here.

Alberts' contract expires on June 30, a day after his birthday. The Canucks will be hesitant to give him another contract due to his injury history. Seeing as he does not seem to be recovering any time soon, the Canucks might want to go with a younger defensemen to fill his role.

Alberts did not have any points in the 10 games he played this season.

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