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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cardinals Injury Update: Shelby Miller exits with back spasms

By on 6/25/2014 09:30:00 AM

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Shelby Miller exited Tuesday nights game with back spasms. Miller was forced out of the game because of back spasms in the third inning against the Colorado Rockies, who won the game 10-5 with Justin Morneau doing most the damage. Miller allowed three runs in 2.2 innings before the back spasms hit. This was his shortest outing of the season and the shortest since exiting after two pitches last August. He was replaced by Nick Greenwood.

Cardinals manage Mike Matheny said,
"Whenever anybody comes out of a game, you're concerned, but this looks like one that maybe we'll be able to head off at the pass. They seemed pretty confident that he would have a good chance to be ready to go for his next start."
Miller had this to say,
"It's kind of like a stinger in the middle of my back and it would go up as I extended my arm. It was weird. I'll come in tomorrow, take care of it early and be ready for my next one. I felt it a little bit before in warm ups. I just never really got loose, I guess."

As long as Miller can recover quickly and safety the Cardinals should be alright. However, they have had injuries to the starting rotation that have hurt them mightily this year. Injuries to Michael Wacha with a right shoulder stress reaction and to Jaime Garcia with left shoulder inflammation. If Miller recovers the pitching will recover. If Miller can not recover as quickly, the rotation will be in lots of trouble.

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