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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Penguins Injury Update: Sidney Crosby will not undergo wrist surgery

By on 7/15/2014 07:00:00 PM

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby will not be undergoing wrist surgery to repair an unspecified injury, according to Jason Brough of NBC Sports
By Michael Miller--Wikimedia Commons
It had been rumored that Crosby would have to undergo wrist surgery to repair damage from an injury sustained during the regular season. However, he will continue treatments without surgery, although surgery had been a possibility.

The injury to his right wrist seemed to negatively affect Crosby during the playoffs, as he only scored one goal. He hopes to be fully recovered in time for training camp in September.

Despite his personal disappointment in the post-season, Crosby went on to receive several trophies recognizing his regular season performance at the 2013-2014 NHL Awards.

Crosby had 36 goals and 68 assists during the regular season, in 80 games.

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  1. If it is an injury caused by repeated movement, surgery would not correct it anyway. Why it's not specified is beyond me - why not let people know, maybe there are non NHL hockey players or fans who play hockey with a similar problem but whose problem has gone undiagnosed. Maybe if they share his symptoms they can go to their doctor or physical therapist and have their own injury rechecked. It's not like Crosby is the only hockey player with a wrist that hurts.