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Friday, July 4, 2014

Ravens Injury Update: Joe Flacco says Ray Rice is in good shape

By on 7/04/2014 11:30:00 AM

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco told the Baltimore Sun that running back Ray Rice is in good shape and appears to have regained his explosiveness. Rice's 2013 season was plagued by injuries and ultimately was his least productive season in his seven-year career.

"He's definitely in good shape," Flacco said of Rice at the end of minicamp in June. "I don't know if he's any quicker or anything like that; you'll have to ask him. I can say he definitely looks good and he's running the ball well. Our guys are creating some room out there even with no pads on."

Rice struggled throughout the 2013 season with hip and quadricep injuries, which hindered his ability to juke defenders and break tackles. Although Rice played in all 16 games last season, his numbers took a significant dip, dropping from 1,143 rushing yards and 4.4 yards per carry in 2012 to just 660 yards and 3.1 yards per carry last season.

1ravenscowboysnflfan via Wikimedia commons
Rice has lost about 20 pounds since the end of last season when he weighed as much as 225 pounds. Being slimmer and healthy, Rice should be able to return to the level of production he exhibited prior to last season, which made him one of the most valuable running backs in the league.

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