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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cowboys Injury Update: Anthony Spencer, Tony Romo

By on 8/27/2014 11:00:00 AM

America's team (supposedly), The Dallas Cowboys, have been banged up since the middle portion of last season. And to begin this season, the injuries still haven't slowed down. But there is some good news: Tony Romo's back injury should be a non-story going forward, and Anthony Spencer's knee is looking better than expected.

ESPN's Todd Archer reports that Jerry and Stephen Jones have 'no worries about the state of Tony Romo's back. "No issues with his back at all," Jerry Jones said. Romo missed a light practice on Monday, but it's just part of 'managing' the recovery from the back surgery, according to Stephen Jones.

David Helman of is reporting that Anthony Spencer will not be ready for a week one return, but he will be on the active roster. This sends the message that he's going to be ready sooner rather than later, which is a tremendous sign.

The injuries on defense have been staggering for the Cowboys. There's been talk of them being one of the worst defenses ever. But if Morris Claiborne lives up to his potential and Brandon Carr plays well, they might not be as bad after all.

No matter what happens, we're all going to look back at Tony Romo because he's the quarterback. There will be a lot of games this year where it purely comes down to him, just like every other year. The question remains, though, will he finally be able overcome the hump and lead the Cowboys past mediocrity? We shall see.
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