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Friday, August 1, 2014

Lakers Injury Update: Steve Nash back to being "100% healthy"

By on 8/01/2014 07:30:00 PM

After dealing for Steve Nash in hopes of obtaining an elite point guard, the Lakers have not really been able to get a clean look at what he could do with this team. Since his first season with the Lakers, he's been continuously plagued with one injury or another.

While his back caused Nash to miss many games, athletic trainer Gary Vitti thinks that Steve Nash has finally recovered. At least enough so that he looks better than he did last season.

"Right now things look better on July 31, 2014, than they did July 31, 2013. He was still having nerve issues last July," said Gary Vitti according to the Los Angeles Lakers website.

He'll be coming back to Los Angeles this week, and all my conversations with him are that he has absolutely no neural issue at this point. He's playing full-tilt, unrestricted soccer. He's doing all the corrective injury and performance exercises he's supposed to be doing, and right now he's 100 percent healthy.
In what could be Steve Nash's final season of his tremendous career, it appears hopeful that he'll be able to play in many more games that last season and help the Lakers from more than just the sidelines.

For now, Nash has the green light to play, but keeping his future in mind, and considering how late in the career Nash is, he should be careful not to push too hard in fear of a long-term health issue. One of the smartest and skilled point guards to play this game, Nash should still be a good point guard if he remains healthy. However, for him, the "if" is his biggest concern.

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