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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Previewing Tony Romo’s fantasy season

By on 8/28/2014 06:17:00 AM

The Dallas Cowboys decided to give Tony Romo a new contract in the offseason to keep him around as the franchise quarterback. People in fantasy football are a little bit concerned about what type of value he can bring to the table after having surgery in the offseason. Not only is he coming off surgery, but he is also starting to get up there in age.

Last season, Romo finished as the 9th best quarterback in fantasy football. Not only that, but he was very close to cracking the top 5 since there were a bunch of signal callers bunched up. He is about as dependable as they get, missing less than a handful of games in recent memory.

Romo will be relying on 2 very talented wide receivers, plus a somewhat underrated tight end. Dez Bryant has solidified himself as one of the best in the game, and Terrance Williams certainly have the chance to develop into a good one. Jason Witten will help to balance things out, but perhaps the thing Romo needs to worry about most is staying healthy.

The one thing hurting him in fantasy football is that most see him as a backup option instead of a starter. If he is indeed a backup, he is not going to go until the 10th round at least. There are obviously going to be some people who reach for him, but for the most part it is really not going to be worth doing that.

So far, the coaching staff has stated that there is no big issue with Romo’s back. He had surgery to repair some things, and that is only going to put more pressure on him to live up to expectations. With a very poor defense on his side, Dallas will need him to throw the ball quite a bit this upcoming year if they want to stay competitive.

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