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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bengals Injury Update: Vontaze Burfict diagnosed with another concussion

By on 9/19/2014 12:00:00 AM

Following the Cincinnati Bengals’ past game against the Atlanta Falcons, linebacker Vontaze Burfict was diagnosed with his second concussion of the season. Josh Alper of reported that Burfict was only able to play because he was given clearance by the team’s medical staff prior to tip-off. 

After hearing about this I just shook my head. How is a player given the go ahead to play a week after suffering a concussion? I’m mean, I’m no doctor but the amount of time between his first injury and the next game was a week. One week - that’s it. Is that really enough time to monitor and assess an athlete’s health? 

If I were in Burfict’s shoes, I probably would have sat out. The only problem is I’m not in Burfict shoes. I guess if he felt ready to go and doctors said it was okay, what’s the worst that could happen? Another concussion? 

Looking forward, the Bengals will meet up against the Titans this coming Sunday at 1:00 PM EST. 

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