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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bruins Injury Update: Milan Lucic is still not 100%

By on 9/16/2014 09:15:00 PM

About five months ago, the Boston Bruins lost in game 7 of the playoffs to rivals the Montreal Canadiens. This loss is even harder on Bruins forward Milan Lucic who is still recovering from an injury suffered during the final game of that series.

Every player gets banged up throughout the season, and in the playoffs. Partially why there is an off-season is so players can rest their bodies and be back 100% for the following season. As of right now, this might not happen just yet for Milan Lucic.

During the final game of the Montreal/Boston series, Lucic jammed his wrist. He wore a soft cast for the following days and ended up needing to get an MRI. The MRI showed that Lucic would need surgery (performed in late May) to repair the damage on the wrist.

Lucic wore a cast for 12 weeks after the surgery and once it was taken off he started therapy and getting back into game shape. With training camp days away he says he is not 100% and does not have full strength in his wrist.

After an informal skate late last week, Lucic said, "It's getting better," "Obviously it was a long summer with it, having it be in a cast for 12 weeks. I feel like I've turned the corner on it the last week, week and a half. So that's obviously a positive. And I'm still working to get it up to 100 percent. And I'm just excited to be back here with everyone and getting things going. Camp is just around the corner."

"A lot. A lot as far as upper body goes. [The injury] impacted it everywhere,""I haven't been able to do a pushup until a week ago just because of it being right there on the joint. But still that's something you've got to work at with rehab and stuff like that. Like I said, it's gotten better over the last week. And you still have some time here before the season starts. So as camp goes along, you know you want to get your legs and everything underneath you. But you still have time to build your strength up until the season starts."

The Bruins first preseason game is on Tuesday September 23rd against the Montreal Canadiens.

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