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Monday, September 22, 2014

Colts Injury Update: T.Y. Hilton, Andy Studebaker

By on 9/22/2014 04:35:00 PM

The Indianapolis Colts finally got their first win of the season yesterday, but they came out of the game a little nicked up. T.Y. Hilton suffered an ankle injury in the game, and Andy Studebaker left with a hamstring injury.

Obviously Hilton is the more significant injury. He's been one of Andrew Luck's top targets the past two seasons, and it would be devastating if the Colts lost him for any period of time.There was some positive light shed on the injury, though. Coach Chuck Pagano says that he doesn't believe the injury was "too severe."

The same was said for linebacker Andy Studebaker. The linebacker has been a reserve for the Colts, but he's done his part. You'll rarely be overwhelmed by his stats, but depth is depth. The Colts will certainly be happy to hear of his health.

The Colts play the Titans next week at home, so they shouldn't rush T.Y. Hilton. Receivers and ankle injuries are never a good mix. If the Colts are going to be smart about this one, they'll make sure that he's 100 percent healthy.

If Hilton can't go next week, expect to see a heavy dosage of two tight end sets. Dwyane Allen and Colby Fleener have had their moments this season, so I'd expect one of them to have a breakout week, if Hilton is out. Also, Hakeem Nicks is still capable of playing at a high level. He'll warrant some extra looks out of Andrew Luck; and the more chemistry and options for Luck, the further the Colts will go.
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