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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flyers Injury Update: Steve Mason returns to the ice after being out for broken finger

By on 9/03/2014 12:30:00 AM

In a mid-August update by James O'Brien of NBC Sports, Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Steve Mason returned to the ice after recovering from a broken finger during the offseason. The injury occurred while playing ball hockey in late July, and it had been predicted that Mason would not miss any of the upcoming training camp.

Mason made his first appearance on the ice since the break in the middle of August, hoping that his recovery was successful. So far, there has not been any information proving otherwise. Provided that his recovery has gone as smooth as possible, the injury should not prevent Mason's appearance in training camp.

However, with an injury such as this one, there is room for re-injury which can cause minor setbacks in a player's season, but it seems unlikely in this case. With goalies, it is important that injuries are allowed to heal entirely to prevent such mishaps, and allow them to continue in their position.

With 61 games played, Mason finished the regular season with 31 wins and a .917 save percentage. He also manage two wins out of five games played in the first round of the playoffs, and a .939 save percentage. The Flyers did not advance beyond the first round, but Mason ended up in 7th place in the running for the Vezina trophy.

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