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Friday, September 12, 2014

Islanders Injury Update: John Tavares is fully recovered from knee injury

By on 9/12/2014 11:00:00 AM

John Tavares from the New York Islanders is 100% ready for training camp and to start playing hockey again.

The Islanders lost their captain John Tavares during the Olympic season when he severely injured his knee playing a game for team Canada.

He missed the final 22 games of the regular season after he severely injured his MCL and Meniscus.

Tavares said that he would have been playing in May if the team had made the playoffs. Instead he took extra time to rest his knee and rehabilitate it to make it stronger.

During an NHL media tour he said, ""It [the knee] is great," "I was cleared to play the first week of May, so if we were in the [Stanley Cup] playoffs I'd be playing. I had a normal offseason and the injury has been put behind me for a good three months now."

"I'd say it's out of my mind for sure," "I've had a long time. You get in a game, you're always anxious, but I've played in some pretty intense scrimmages throughout the summer. I tried to skate a little more than I usually would just because I've had a lot of time off, probably the most time off I've had in my career with playing. Being three months, almost four months since I've been cleared to play, I've had a lot of time to get over some of those mental things."

Last season before the injury he played 59 games, had 24 goals and 42 assists.

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