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Monday, September 22, 2014

Ravens Injury Update: Dennis Pitta suffers dislocated hip

By on 9/22/2014 09:30:00 AM

It has been just over a year since Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta dislocated his hip in training camp. Unfortunately for Pitta, he did it again on Sunday and the Ravens also fear that he may have fractured his hip as well.

The Baltimore Sun reports: Pitta dislocated his right hip for the second time in just more than a year, and it’s feared that he may have also sustained a fracture. But an initial diagnosis revealed no fracture, according to sources. If Pitta’s hip is fractured, he would need surgery and likely would be out for the season. Pitta remained in Cleveland overnight at a local hospital. “A second fracture and dislocation to the same hip is relatively rare,” said Dr. David Chao, a former San Diego Chargers team doctor who is an orthopedic surgical specialist, but hasn’t treated Pitta. “This is a significant trauma. It’s very concerning. It doesn’t bode well for his career. Even to do this one time is unusual, but twice is very bad.

It very discouraging for Pitta and the Ravens who signed him to a five-year $32 million contract in March. Lets hope that it is something that Pitta can recover from and continue his successful football career.

In his absence, two-time Pro Bowler, Owen Daniels, is in line to take most of the reps at tight end. Daniels caught two touchdown passes in week two against the Pittsburgh Steelers 

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