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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cardinals Injury Update: Calais Campbell upset over chop block

By on 10/08/2014 05:35:00 PM

The Arizona Cardinals have been plagued by injuries and misfortune all season long. It didn't get any better last Sunday vs. Denver when Calais Campbell was injured on a chop block by Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas. The play upset a lot of people around the league, but especially and obviously Calais Campbell.

"It was a situation that could have been avoided," Campbell said. The chop block has left Campbell in a state of disappointment, because he knows that the chop block was not necessary, and is a terrible thing for a player to do to another player. Campbell has a recovery timeline of one to three weeks, although he called it the "best case scenario."

Campbell when on to say that "that's not a situation where you cut (referring to the chop block). If it was I would've better prepared for it and protected myself." Campbell was scared at the thought of what the injury could have been. "I feel like if my foot had got stuck in the ground, it could have been a lot worse. It's ended careers before."

Bruce Arians was upset the moment he saw it last Sunday, going on to call it the 'dirtiest play' he's ever seen. That was probably a stretch on Arians' part, but the message is clear: there should be a heavier price to pay for chop blocks.

A measly fine is not going to cut it anymore, or at least it shouldn't. If defensive players are going to be suspended for hitting defenseless offensive players, like Brandon Meriweather has recently, then offensive players should be suspended for doing things of that nature to defenseless defensive players.

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