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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Patriots Injury Update: Jerod Mayo undergoes surgery

By on 10/18/2014 03:20:00 PM

Jerod Mayo underwent surgery this past week on his knee that will effectively end his season and leave him out of New England Patriots activities until mini-camp next year.  NFL media insider Ian Rappaport reports Mayo suffered a patellar tendon tear in New England game against the New York Jets.

Patellar tendon tears are an immediate surgical case for an athlete and are nortoriously difficult to rehab.  Returning to playing is likely for Mayo, but some concern will be left for his longevity and explosiveness from the linebacker position.  Mayo is no stranger to injury suffering a pectoral injury last season which placed him on injured reserve.   Mayo is a leader of the Patriots' defense but his injury and contract situation place serious question on if he will return to for the 2015 season in New England.

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