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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pelicans Injury Update: Jrue Holiday expects to be limited during early training camp days

By on 10/01/2014 12:45:00 AM

New Orleans Pelicans star point guard Jrue Holiday is expecting that his minutes will be limited out the gate once training camp starts. Although this means that Holiday is likely not fully recovered just yet, it also means that he’s is back, which is great news for the NBA.

I bet there probably isn’t another player happier to have Jrue back more than teammate Anthony Davis. Before sustaining his injury back in February, Holiday was averaging 14.3 pts, 7.9 as, 4.2 reb and 1.6 stl a game. I would say those stats are quite impressive given it was his first season with the Pelicans. And yes, he only played 34 games, but check out his stats from the 2012-13 campaign. They basically mirror each other, only he averaged a few more points a game in Philadelphia. In reality it makes sense; Holiday was realistically the only option the Sixers had on offense. On the Pelicans, Holiday has the pleasure of working with some very talented players, most importantly superstar Anthony Davis.

I have long been a fan of Holiday’s game; he’s one of my favorite point guards in the NBA. After hearing what Holiday said this weekend, as reported by Nakia Hogan of, I’m only a bigger fan.

“I think you have that itch to pick up a ball and make something happen to just be out on the court and help your team, just to be around it, just to be in the gym,” Holiday said. “Again, I’m motivated. I’m excited. I’m ready to take on the season.”

Behind Holiday and Davis, the Pelicans are a team headed for good things. The only thing holding the team back now is the name “Pelicans”, I’m still not sold, sorry.

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