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Friday, October 17, 2014

Thunder Injury Update: Kevin Durant undergoes successful surgery

By on 10/17/2014 11:00:00 PM

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s reigning MVP Kevin Durant underwent successful surgery on Thursday to repair a Jones fracture he suffered during the preseason. He is to be re-evaluated in six weeks, forcing the world to get a glimpse of what basketball would be like without the ‘Slim Reaper’. 

Once home and comfortable, Kevin made sure that his fans knew he was doing alright, posting a picture to his Instagram account.

I'll be back but for now I'm sittin back with my skins blankey and some sparkling ice with my homeboys @dbrookssss, @yeahlano, @thegoodz12 and @strackfamilyof6

In a recent report by Royce Young, the Thunder’s Sam Presti acknowledged that the injury could have been a lot worse if not for Durant speaking up about some “aching” he was experiencing following practice last Saturday.
“We’re really fortunate that we’re catching it when we’re catching it”, Presti said. “We are very fortunate that Kevin notified us [Saturday] and that we’re kind of catching it on the front end, before this became more of an acute issue.”
Fortunate is right. Six weeks isn’t bad. Can you imagine if Durant was forced to miss the majority or even the full season recovering? It would've been a nightmare situation for the Thunder and the NBA for that matter.

Kevin  Durant dunk 
Last year, in an MVP year I might add, Durant averaged 32 points a game to go along with a cool 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists. It’s almost impossible for the Thunder to make up for the loss of those numbers night in and night out. I’m sure Westbrook would disagree with me, and being honest, I hope he does just that.

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