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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Browns Injury Update: Tashaun Gipson likely out for regular season

By on 11/26/2014 01:25:00 PM

The Cleveland Browns are in the middle of one of their most successful seasons in a long time, with comeback wins and tremendous story lines surrounding the team, it feels like nothing can stop this team from getting to the playoffs. But there may be one thing: injuries.

The Browns fear that they are going to lose Tashaun Gipson for the rest of the regular season with a Grade 3 MCL tear, which is a terrible blow to the team's secondary and defense. Gipson has been a top five safety this year, recording six interceptions so far. A matter of fact, his six interceptions leads the league.

So now the Browns are faced with the decision of placing Gipson on injured-reserve or not. It doesn't appear that they are going to because the team feels like there is an outside shot he could return if they made the playoffs. The usual timeline for a Grade 3 MCL tear is 6-8 weeks. Six weeks from now might be too late for the Browns, even if they are in the playoffs. Gipson would have to heal up in about 4-5 weeks to really have a shot at playing for the Browns again this season.

In to fill his spot will most likely be Jim Leonhard, which is probably a scary thought to Browns fans and coaches. In case anyone hasn't followed or watched Jim Leonhard the last couple years, he is really, really slow.

For the Browns to get in the playoffs, they are going to need at least 10 wins, that is as long as the NFC South doesn't rub their horrendous play onto the AFC North. The remaining schedule for the Browns consists of against the Bills, Panthers and Ravens and at home vs. the Colts and Bengals. Easy to say, there aren't any easy games on that schedule.

Tashaun Gipson will obviously be missed for what appears to be the remainder of the season for the Browns, but if they want to overcome the odds and get to the playoffs for the first since 2002, then they need to stay focused and play exceptional football the rest of the way out.

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