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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cowboys Injury Update: Tony Romo ruled out

By on 11/02/2014 10:50:00 AM

The Dallas Cowboys will be running out onto their home turf today without their starting quarterback. Tony Romo is not going to be available for today's game vs. the Arizona Cardinals, in a game that is for the best record in the NFC.

It was reported earlier this morning by ESPN that Romo would not play vs. the Cardinals today. He suffered two transverse process fractures in the game last Monday night vs. the Redskins. Romo was able to return to the game, but was clearly in pain and did not look like himself. After not practicing all week, he made a call to the Cowboys coaches last night informing them he would not be able to play, so Brandon Weeden will start today.

Obviously the injury is a significant blow to the Cowboys today as they face the Cardinals. But it appears that there was finally a wise decision made in the organization. There is an opportunity to let the injury heal; there is a bye week next week; it is a regular season game today; could it be any more obvious to sit Tony Romo? The division lead is on the line for the Cowboys, but that is a whole lot better than the season being on the line. One blindside hit, or any hit to Romo's back, and that could be the season.

So, yes, finally Tony Romo and hopefully the Cowboys organization have come to their senses. In reality, no one cares about what is accomplished in September, October, November, and December. All of that is forgotten if you're in the playoffs.

The Cowboys are in prime position to get to January right now, but if they act selfish and only think in the moment, then it will not be hard for them to self-destruct, like usual, and wide up on their couches watching the playoffs in January. Now, just how they like it, the eyes are all on you, Cowboys.

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