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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Seahawks Injury Update: Marshawn Lynch probable to play

By on 11/08/2014 10:45:00 AM

The Seattle Seahawks have not been the dominant team they were last year, partially due to poor offensive line play, but Marshawn Lynch has still played well but not as well as last year. That can obviously be contributed to poor offensive line play, but Lynch has had some minor issues as well- most of those issues coming in the form of injuries.

Wednesday and Thursday Lynch did not participate in practice. He's been hampered by a calf injury this week, except for Friday when he participated fully. There does not seem to be much doubt about whether Lynch will be good to go on Sunday vs. the Rams. The only question is what the effects and limitations the calf injury will have on him.

As previously stated, Lynch has been battling injuries all season long. It started off earlier in the season when he was dealing with a minor back issue. That injury lingered for a few weeks and now there's a calf injury. The Seahawks are doing their best to be smart with his health, though. They give him a day or two off during the week to rest his body, and then it is all hands on deck for Sunday, as it should be.

Lynch is 28 years old now and starting to face the question from the media and fans that all running backs face at his stage. "How much longer can he be elite?" Well, Lynch is a rare running back. He takes tons and tons of hits, never avoiding contact, but he never seems fazed by it. Every running back has their time, though, but Lynch may be able to hold off running back father time better than anyone else.

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