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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hurricanes Injury Update: Jordan Staal to start off ice training

By on 12/02/2014 05:00:00 PM

The Carolina Hurricanes are getting some good news. Jordan Staal is taking a new step in his recovery after fracturing his right fibula during the preseason.

The injury happened during the second game of the preseason after an unfortunate accident. He underwent surgery the week of the injury to repair the damage and was initially expected to miss 3-4 months.

He is early in the process but coach Bill Peters offered an update on his recovery:

“He was looking good today. He’s out of the boot,” “He’s going to start training with our people off the ice. From there, if everything goes well – it depends on the amount of swelling and the recovery from workout to workout day-to-day – he’ll progress to skating on his own with Pete Friesen, and then he’ll join us from that point.”

He also added, “There are a couple of different timelines, but we’ll just wait and see. It’s going good, and I think he’s slightly ahead of schedule, whatever schedule that would be,” “I just know we have to be patient with it.”

When Staal is ready to return, the team will have to be patient. The NHL players will be at midseason and have full speed and Staal will have to build his way up.

“When we get him back, [we will have to] be patient again,”  “He’s going to try to catch a running train. The league is going, and he’ll be playing his first game. It will be nice to have him.”

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