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Owner - Blaine Blontz

You can find Blaine on Twitter at @blaineblontz.

MLB Editor – Darius Austin

Darius is from the UK and has been writing about sport for almost ten years but only really discovered baseball back in 2008, getting hooked by the combination of fantasy baseball, endless statistics and Tim Lincecum. When he isn't watching and reading about baseball or hunting down injury updates, Darius also enjoys football, tennis, cooking and playing more Mario Kart 64 than most people would consider normal.

You can find Darius on Twitter at @DariusA64.

NFL/NHL Editor – Scott Ryan

Scott Ryan brings to Sports Injury Alert many years of writing and editing experience.

A graduate of Quinnipiac University and Boston University School of Law Scott has played and coached football, baseball, hockey, rugby and lacrosse.

A lifelong New Englander, Scott's passion for his Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox is as hardcore as any New England sports fan.

When not devoting his time to Sports Injury Alert he is hiking, coaching his son's little league team or cheering on his wife at her many marathons.

You can find Scott on Twitter at @Scott_SIA.

NBA Editor – Ali Tahir

Ali Tahir is the NBA editor for Sports Injury Alert while currently being a student at Rutgers University pursuing an undergraduate degree. While ball may be life, it's not the only sport Ali enjoys. As a Nets, Mets, and Giants fan, he's seen the good and the bad (mostly bad for the Mets).

You can find Ali on Twitter at @AliTahirNTO.


Adam Bitterman

Dr. Adam D. Bitterman, is an orthopedic surgery resident on Long Island, N.Y.  He will be pursuing fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery in Chicago, I.L.

In addition to his work and training as an orthopedic surgeon, he is a news anchor and video producer for The Doctor’s Channel. Dr. Bitterman has contributed to The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA), Huffington Post, as well as the syndicated medical blog, He has lectured to pre-hospital medical providers as well as allied health professionals.

You can find Adam on twitter at @BittermanJAMB

Eric Morris

Eric Morris is a graduate of the University of Virginia's class of 2013. As one of twelve students in the Human Biology distinguished majors program, Eric studied and examined the interplay between modern biology, the humanities and society. His undergraduate time culminated in a thesis, for which Eric completed an integrative investigation of the nosocomial infection Clostridium difficile. Eric currently works in clinical research in the Department of Neurology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City and is applying to medical school. Eric's primary research interest is concussions, one of the main focuses of his NHL injury blog,

You can find Eric on twitter at @NHLInjury.

Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker has an M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training (a.k.a. athletic therapy in Canada), as well as being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher.   As an Athletic Trainer, she works in conjunction with physicians to provide preventative and emergency care, clinical diagnosis, as well as rehabilitation to athletes’ injuries or medical conditions.  Nicole’s education focused on assessment/recognition of injury and illness, emergency care, human anatomy and physiology (heavily focused on orthopedics), therapeutic modalities, and nutrition.  

She has worked with a multitude of sports, including hockey, football, men’s lacrosse, as well as women’s soccer and swimming and diving.  Nicole thrives in the environment of “high risk” sports-that is, high speed, collision sports, which lead her to do quite a bit of research in the realm of concussions.    This past year, Nicole started her own yoga business, Warrior Yoga Training, a specific style of yoga that specifically targets athletes to enhance performance and prevent injuries. 

Since starting her yoga business, Nicole’s attention is focused on the mental component of preparation and injury prevention, as well as the importance of balance and proprioception for performance.  Through personal experience and research, she also has extensive experience with different nutritional interventions for illness.  She currently works as a licensed Athletic Trainer and bases her yoga practice in CT.   

You can find Nicole on Twitter at @WarriorYogaATC.


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